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1R: The Team Ferg Philosophy

1rIf you have visited the third floor of the Ferguson Center recently, you may have noticed all of the 1R posters that are displayed throughout the offices. These posters are directed to all of our Team Ferg staff, both our students and our professional staff, and they pertain to the work ethic philosophy that is central to all that we do here at the Ferguson Center.

The philosophy of 1R is best illustrated in the Team Ferg Experience, Mission and Standards of Behavior:

The Team Ferg employment experience aims to actively fulfill and promote the shared mission of the Ferguson Center, the Division of Student Affairs, and of UA as a whole.

The mission of this Team and all of its members is to design, develop, and engage in services and opportunities that will compliment the overall collegiate environment of transformative learning and intellectual growth on individual, campus, and community levels.

All Team Ferg members are expected to utilize their pursuit of higher education to actively extend knowledge and its application beyond the boundaries of the classroom. Team members are expected to discover and disseminate intellectual, cultural, and civic sensitivities as they actively engage in initiatives of leadership growth, community engagement, and career development. Team Ferg members are expected to develop and uphold standards of professionalism and technological expertise as they use the resources of their work to bring a sense of value and purpose to their extended education.

Basic to every purpose of a Team Ferg Member is the philosophy of 1R: the desire to move boldly into the progression of personal growth and betterment of the human condition by realizing untapped work potentials and demonstrating an openness to exploration and challenges.


1R is based off of a question from the National Survey of Student Engagement, a survey typically filled out in a student's freshman year and again in their senior year to gauge their progress as a student and how they have developed over the course of their time at their respective university.

One of the authors of the survey actually came to UA's campus to speak several years ago. Mr. Carl Bacon, the director of the Ferguson Center, had the opportunity to ask this author one critical question: If he had to pick the most important question from the survey for those in higher education to consider, what would it be?

The answer? Question 1R.

Question 1R asks students: "Have you worked harder than you ever thought you could to meet a supervisor's standards or expectations?"

This is the question we hold all of our staff to: Are you 1R?

We truly want our workers to represent the concept of 1R and to challenge other workers who aren't 1R to become part of the "one", because here at Team Ferg we are all one--one team, one philosophy, 1R.

So...Are you 1R?

If you are interested in applying to become a student member of Team Ferg, please fill out a student application form.